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Here at The Posh Paw we understand that most owners consider their dogs to be valued members of the family and only want the best for them in every aspect of their lives.  When you bring your dog to The Posh Paw for a groom or spa treatment you are trusting that we will look after them and treat them with as much love and care as you do.

This is why we offer a very different dog grooming experience.

Welcome to The Posh Paw!
City & Guids Level 3 Qualified
We're insured with Petplan Sanctuary

All of our friendly stylists are fully insured, trained to the highest standard and are City and Guilds Qualified with over 16 years experience

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We are proud to be members of The Groomers Spotlight, where only fully qualified groomers can be registered. 
Check if your current groomer is fully qualified
        What makes us different??

We provide a stress-free, calm and relaxing environment, where we try to be as cage free as possible

We groom all breeds of dogs and of all sizes

We use a gentle, patient and kind approach to reassure nervous dogs, calm the more energetic dogs and encourage the older or quieter dogs


We only use high quality products - Spa treatments are 100% natural - no harsh chemicals!


We do not rush the grooming process, we can identify when your dog needs a break and these are given when needed, Animal Welfare is our highest priority.


 We have a fully air conditioned, open plan grooming salon using top of the range equipment. 


We maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, sterilising all tools and surfaces 

between each groom.,

The Posh Paw not only offers professional dog grooming in Northampton but also offers the full range of luxury and spa treatments.

Jane the owner a head stylist has been grooming for over 15 years and has been teaching dog grooming and animal welfare for over 7 years, she has a wealth of experience and expertise within the pet industry.

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Try Our Spa
De-Shed Treatments, Facials and much more...

Giant Breeds Welcome


We are now an accredited dog grooming training academy.

We will be offering DISCOUNTED full grooms where you can put your dog forward as a dog model, these grooms will be carried out by a student who will be fully supervised.


Call us for more information and to see if your dog qualifies


Dog Models


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