1/2 Day Dog Grooming Course  £120






This course is aimed at those pet owners wishing to learn to groom their own dog or for those wanting an insight into dog grooming before embarking on a longer course.

This course covers:-

                            How to correctly health check a dog

                            Bathe a dog according to coat type

                            Correct drying technique for specified breed 

                            Trimming claws

                            Cleaning / Plucking ears  

                            Styling either to breed standard or as per owners request. 

You will be required to bring your own dog.

The hours of this course are 10am-2pm, We are quite flexible with the day of training (we are closed Sundays & Mondays) and this can work around your commitments.

All equipment and aprons will be supplied as will tea and coffee throughout the session.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.

If this sounds like the course for you...  

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