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Spa Treatments

For that extra special treat or ahead of a special occasion, why not treat your dog to a spa pampering

session.  A range of treatments, specially selected for their beneficial qualities and natural ingredients.

We only use a natural range of products for our Spa treatments.  

Each treatment can be added to our standard grooming service.

Mineral Mud Bath From £12

The Mineral Mud Bath is a deep cleansing rich formula that repels fleas and ticks, but is also hypoallergenic and safe for dogs of all ages.  It is full of essential oils and minerals that will restore the coats natural beauty, strengthen the skins immune system, helps with blood circulation and prevents broken hairs.  The Mud Bath also eliminates impurities and toxins, giving a deep cleansing, de-stressing experience for your dog.  The unique formula also nourishes, strengthens and encourages healthy cell regeneration.

Oatmeal and Honey Treatment From £12

A natural rejuvenating oatmeal and vitamin rich honey shampoo treatment gently removes dirt and dead skin cells while cleansing and soothing itchy, dry and uncomfortable skin the special formulation helps to relieve skin irritations and promotes healing, it is a great treatment for quick relief for dogs prone to dry itchy skin and allergies.  The special conditioners help to moisturise and soothe the skin, leaving the coat soft and clean also helps with coat growth.


Argan Oil Treatment

An Argan oil bath which contains Agan Oil (Moroccan Oil), which locks in moisture, restores the lustre and shine and restores smoothness.  It will repair dry and brittle coats and gives new life dry and damaged fur.  Contains essential fatty acids which strengthen the hair shaft and heals split ends. Also contains Vitamin E to help maintain a healthy looking coat.

Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment From £12

This deep nourishing Moroccan Argan oil treatment is packed with anti-aging properties and eases skin complaints.  It is as good for dogs skin and coats as it is for humans skin and hair.  The oil locks in moisture, restores shine and lustre to the dogs coat and restores smoothness.  It will repair dry and brittle coats and give new life to tangled and damaged fur.  Containing Essential Fatty Acids, it will strengthen the hair shaft and heal split ends and the vitamin E helps to maintain a healthy coat.


De-Shed Treatment From £5

This unique blend of conditioning and fortifying ingredients removes loose hair and undercoat while it cleans and conditions.  The added protein helps strengthen the hair follicle to reduce shedding.  It also nourishes and detoxifies the skin, rejuvenates the coat and aids with controlling excessive shedding.



All of our doggie facials include a complimentary aromatherapy face and head message prior to the actual facial taking place, this is done so that your dog achieves a total relax state of mind.

Vanilla and Blueberry From £3

This treatment is fantastic at removing dirt and tear stains, it is a relaxing and cleansing

treatment that soothes and cleans the facial area. Refreshes, hydrates and gently exfoliates

leaving the facial area clean, rejuvenated, free from odour and an over all brightening  effect.


Nose balm will be applied after the facial to the nose to restore moisture.


Cucumber and Melon From £3

A refreshing blend of ripe cucumber and sun-ripped melon that deeply cleanses the face and leaves a luxurious fresh scent.


The natural ingredients cleans, brightens and gently exfoliates, leaving the facial area clean and invigorated.


Nose balm will be applied after the facial to the nose to restore moisture.


Aloe Vera and Jojoba From £3

This treatment is full of amazing benefits and contains botanical extracts proven to help soothe any skin irritations.  The hydrating formula cleans, moisturizes and conditions particularly good for breeds that have wrinkles on the face.


Nose balm will be applied after the facial to the nose to restore moisture.


Teeth Clean and Fresh Breath Treatment From £5

This treatment is non-invasive and contains added enzymes which blends natural, holistic ingredients to kill germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. This gentle treatment also soothes minor gum irritations and produces a healthy oral environment.


Pawdicure From £15

Relaxing pedicure which includes an anti bacterial cleanser which kills germs and bacteria.  Anti oxidant Grapeseed oil is also used which protects from wear and tear and replenishes moisture. The vitamin enriched conditioning treatment keeps paws soft, making them less likely to crack.  Paw balm is then added to protect, heal and moisturize. This natural formula helps to fight & eliminate fungus & bacteria.

This treatment also includes a nail trim and a pad and paw trim.


Are you interested in a career in dog grooming?

The Posh Paw dog grooming training academy is an accredited training school.

Check out our courses

Dog models required


As an accredited dog grooming training academy, we offer DISCOUNTED full grooms where you can put your dog forward as a dog model, these grooms will be carried out by a level 2 or level 3 student who will be fully supervised.


Call us for more information and to see if your dog qualifies

01604588215 or 07923654445

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