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Terms & Conditions



All course fees must be paid in full in accordance with the terms stated. A booking form must be completed and accompanied by a deposit before a reservation on the course will be confirmed. All fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.  In case of cancellation as all courses tuition is on a one to one basis and this training space is reserved exclusively for you. Students who give 28 days notice prior to course start will be allowed one change of dates within the same calendar year. students failing to complete course/turn up on time will lose the day/s, time as tutors and dogs are reserved exclusively for your grooming course. The balance of the course must be paid before commencement of all courses.  Students must adhere to all salon rules and regulations in regard to health and safety and handling of pets failure to do so will lead to dismissal and students will forfeit all fees.  if a student has cause for complaint they must bring this immediately to the attention of principal Jane Wright and also in writing within 48hrs.  The Posh Paw Dog Grooming Training Academy reserve the right to refuse entry on courses to any student without comment. The Posh Paw Dog Grooming Training Academy reserve the right in unforeseen circumstances if they cannot carry out training to rearrange training times and dates.  In the event of any course having to be cancelled by The Posh Paw Dog Grooming Training Academy  before completion, for whatever reason,  participating students will be offered a refund proportionate to the time lost, or offered the opportunity to continue the course at a time mutually agreed. In the event of any course having to be cancelled by The Posh Paw Dog Grooming Training Academy  prior to the starting date, for whatever reason, a full refund will be made to the student.  It should be noted, that  The Posh Paw Dog Grooming Training Academy accepts no liability for additional expenses such as travelling, accommodation fees or other related costs that may have been incurred. The Posh Paw Dog Grooming Training Academy  would like to advise all students to ensure their tetanus vaccinations are up to date. The Posh Paw Dog Grooming Training Academy  will not be held liable for any mishap that may arise as a result of any student not having done so.  Students completing a City & Guilds qualification are expected to keep up to date with assignments and complete all paperwork before the end of the course.  There is a practical assessment and a theory exam at the end of the course. If a student fails the practical assessment they will be given one further chance to pass this assessment at no additional cost.  Following a further failure the student will be liable for the cost of any additional teaching and assessing.  Should a student fail their theory exam however any re-takes are chargeable. Qualifications must be completed within 3 years of registration. Students are asked to give details of any medical conditions, disabilities or allergies.  Dog grooming is a physically demanding job and involves standing for long periods and some lifting.  If you have any concerns regarding potential health issues please make us aware before booking a place on the course and consult with your own G.P.  Contact lenses are not appropriate for wearing whilst grooming. Jewellery is also unacceptable.  Sensible  non-slip footwear  is advised.


These terms & conditions constitute a contract between the student and The Posh Paw Dog Grooming Training Academy.

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