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Luxury Treatments

We are proud to provide not only a high quality grooming experience for our clients

but we also offer luxurious treatments that provide essential health benefits. 

We only use a natural range of products for our luxury treatments.

Each treatment can be added to our standard grooming service.

Aromatherapy Sponge Massage Treatment

This treatment uses specially designed massage sponges that are impregnated with therapeutic and essential oils.  A calming and relaxing treatment in which your dog receives a massage. 

Aids with blood circulation, relieves stress and enhances both the metabolism and the lustre of the coat.  The soft scent also helps soothe nervous and elderly dogs.

Wheatgerm Oil Sponge Massage Treatment

A deeply conditioning treatment enriched with unrefined wheatgerm oil.  Applied with sponges and massaged deep within your dogs coat.

Ideal for dry & damaged coats and irritated skin, contains vitamins A, E & D which improves skin and coat condition and also helps to regenerate, strengthen & condition hair and skin


Conditioning Hydrating Butter Treatment

The Pomegranate and Acai hydrating butter is a natural, intense leave in conditioning treatment that adds vital nutrients to the coat.  This non oily hydrating butter works on all coat types leaving both hair and skin soft, shiny and smooth.

The extract formula used is a natural humectants that releases moisturizing emollients every 2 hours for a 24 hour hydration.

Tear Stain Treatment

This treatment  works wonders for white or light coated breeds that suffer from dark tear staining around their eyes or beard.  It is a safe non irritating and effective cleanser which helps to remove stains and inhibit dark-staining production.  It can be used as a one off or a course of treatments to produce a brightening effect.


Nail Trimming and Healing Paw Balm

This is a lovely natural balm that will help relieve your dogs cracked, dry and rough paws and protect them from everyday wear and tear.  It is great for use in extreme weather conditions and offers

protection against hot pavements, road grit, ice and salt.

Teeth Clean & Fresh Breath Treatment

This treatment is non-invasive and uses holistic ingredients to kill germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis.  This gentle treatment soothes minor gum irritations and produces a healthy oral environment.


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