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The costs for any grooming will vary from breed, coat condition, style requirements etc...


We always take the following factors into consideration:

The size of the dog

The condition of the coat

Any grooming history

The dogs behaviour and temperament

Any medical conditions

and the Age

 Please call us and we will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.

01604 588215


Please take advantage of our special offers and competitions that will be

running on our face book page.



If you are unable to attend an appointment we now require 24hrs notice.


If you cancel or re-schedule your appointment with less than 24hrs notice or fail to attend an appointment there will be a cancellation fee of up to 50% that must be received before further bookings can be made, as you can appreciate wages and building running costs are still incurred and need to be covered.




We may ask for a £15 non refundable deposit to confirm the booking of any new clients.  This secures and guarantees an appointment and  also safe guards The Posh Paw from no shows and loss of income.


We are now an accredited dog grooming training academy.

We will be offering DISCOUNTED full grooms where you can put your dog forward as a dog model, these grooms will be carried out by a student who will be fully supervised.


Call us for more information and to see if your dog qualifies

01604 588215

Dog Models


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